There are very few mamas who genuinely one hundred percent inspire me to be better within my own four walls. Amy is one of them.
To be photographed by a bundle of women in a workshop setting is super hard, and she just soaked up every second with grace. Everything each photographer set up she would explode into choruses of “awhh! I love that! so sweet!” with the most genuine excitement, and it made all of our confidence skyrocket cause she just has that effect on people.
The woman just genuinely loves her people and her life and it shows up in everything she does, from the epic birthday parties she throws to the traveling and gosh just her smile. kkkk you caught me, I totally have a crush on Amy. Because, see, this is my struggle: CHOOSING to be in love with my life, over and over every day through the chaos and the lack of control and the growth and the fun mixed with the heartbreak. The people who seem to have that figured out–more than those who have zillions of awards or billions of dollars or millions accomplishments–are the ones I really admire.


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