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waffles and love at the dickman house

Kids are the best and the shiniest and I adore them. They’ve got the sparkle we lose somewhere between seeing the ugly and/or practical, and caring what ugly and/or practical people think.

All three of these kids jumped into befriending me. Stevie, with her wise ways and motherly instincts, Dylan with his boyish silliness (is there anything more endearing on the whole freaking planet?) and Penny with her deeelicious chubby thighs and laid back spirit. (8 month old + laid back spirit? I can’t believe I’m saying this and it’s true.)

They sent me home with a ziplock bag of to-die-for waffles and I drove home in the winter sun thinking about love and families and home and (again) what a big deal it all is. I relish in these small and huge moments. If you do too, drop me a note and we’ll make some fabulous pictures.


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Hannah + Aaron’s Bridal Photos at the Utah State Capitol

I’m talking about all kindsa stuff on instagram, let’s play there.

For here, Hannah and Aaron in love and all fancy.



The Patch Family at Home

If you think they’re cute from afar, you should see them close up.

If your home is overflowing with love, let’s photograph your family in it.


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That time December felt like October and the Dowling family came to town

Sometimes it feels like certain images are too holy to share. Too intimate and too big to put out there for ‘future clients’ or nice one-word compliments in passing. Don’t misunderstand, please–I love those compliments as much as the next girl and you need to see the photos I’ve been making to know whether you want to hire me. But sometimes, just knowing that for the majority of viewers these photos are going to be consumed, scrolled through in a hot minute, and never thought of again…it’s difficult. Because I know how much love there is behind them, on both ends.

The Dowlings came to town for the holidays and we thought we’d be throwing snowballs but we threw leaves instead. I loved the four of them instantly–the happy that is family is endlessly inspiring to me. Thank you, all four of you, for letting me tell your story and witness the tenderness, silliness, and joy you have together.

If you want to have your family authentically photographed–the silly, the happy, the sweet–I just might be your lady. Read more about family sessions here. 

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The Paul Family

With every family I photograph I fall more and more in love. With kids, with the family relationships, with the beauty of chaos. Thank you is just lame to say how grateful I feel to all the families who have entrusted me with their particular blend of beautiful chaos this year. You are all absolutely amazing.

Want your family photographed beautifully and authentically in 2015? Please, let’s.

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Meisha + Sam: Salt Lake City Backyard Wedding

I will not lie to you–Meisha and Sam are one of my most favorite couples. They ooze romance, bliss, personality. They are grundles of fun–so fun that I had to make up that weird word ‘grundles’ to try to express it. (Where did that come from? No clue. We’ll blame it on the two babies who are my constant conversation partners.)

So, it follows that their wedding day was all of these wonderful things. And yes, Sam did get thrown in the pool. (!!) And yes, there were FIREWORKS. Told ya these two were awesome.

I am humbled with gratitude that this dream pair let me in on their most special day–thank you, Meisha and Sam. I’m honored to call you friends.

In love. Planning the best day of your life. I want in. Contact me about photographing your wedding here.


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Kaitlin + Zach: Utah State Capitol Bridals

Kaitlin and Zach are dreamy together. Kaitlin made her dress (!!!) and heaven knows I’m a sucker for gold dresses. Biggest congratulations, you two lovely people! What a classy pair.

View all the photos from Kaitlin + Zach’s bridal session and order prints here.


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these people are in love

and i think that’s just super great.

Let’s talk about your very own engagement session, yes?

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The Sampson Family

They welcomed me with open arms and sent me home with literally the best sugar cookies I have ever put in my mouth. Their home is beautiful but their love takes the cake…or, the sugar cookie. Okay, all done with bad jokes and on to the good stuff.

Just maybe possibly kinda interested in a family session? See more family photos here, or let’s chat about your session here.

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Romney + Jesse: Salt Lake City Wedding

Romney and Jesse. I just sighed trying to think what to write about them, because nothing I say will be able to describe the pure joy that radiated from them on their wedding day. What a treat to be part of so much bliss. And fun! I mean, a fake money exit? I’m all over it.

Romney and Jesse, thank you for letting me celebrate the beginning of your new life together with you–you are both one of a kind and together, just out of this world. Congratulations.

Venue: Salt Lake City LDS Temple and This is The Place Heritage Park

Flowers: Flower Afternoon

Brooke Schultz is a moment junkie who photographs blissful wedding days with romantic couples and beautiful ordinary days with creative families. You can chat with her about getting your precious moments and people in front of her camera here.

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