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these people are in love

and i think that’s just super great.

Let’s talk about your very own engagement session, yes?

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The Sampson Family

They welcomed me with open arms and sent me home with literally the best sugar cookies I have ever put in my mouth. Their home is beautiful but their love takes the cake…or, the sugar cookie. Okay, all done with bad jokes and on to the good stuff.

Just maybe possibly kinda interested in a family session? See more family photos here, or let’s chat about your session here.

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Romney + Jesse: Salt Lake City Wedding

Romney and Jesse. I just sighed trying to think what to write about them, because nothing I say will be able to describe the pure joy that radiated from them on their wedding day. What a treat to be part of so much bliss. And fun! I mean, a fake money exit? I’m all over it.

Romney and Jesse, thank you for letting me celebrate the beginning of your new life together with you–you are both one of a kind and together, just out of this world. Congratulations.

Venue: Salt Lake City LDS Temple and This is The Place Heritage Park

Flowers: Flower Afternoon

Brooke Schultz is a moment junkie who photographs blissful wedding days with romantic couples and beautiful ordinary days with creative families. You can chat with her about getting your precious moments and people in front of her camera here.

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My favorite unwilling subject

She is fast as lightning and film is slower than cold tar but I’m obsessed with following her around for hours to get just a few golden frames.

The truth is I was terrible at shooting Vienna before I started shooting film. It was too easy, I guess, and sorting through hundreds of blah images sapped me dry. I’m getting filled up with inspiration and hunger again. It feels so, so good.

If you’d like to get your little ones and your love for them immortalized into incredible photographs, I just might be able to help you out. See the details for family sessions here, or let’s chat about yours here. 

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Madison turns one + her mom gets in front of the camera.

Madison turned one and we celebrated and took a few minutes to make some mother-daughter portraits because moms are behind the camera too much. Looking at the prints I have of me with my family on my wall, I just keep thinking, it’s good to be seen. 

If you, mom, want to be seen in your family’s memories and life, let’s make some photographs together.

As a little side note, I’m falling deep, deep in love with film. The slowness, the deliberateness, the not-having-to-sift-through-hundreds-of-imagesness–I’m crazy about it. I thought it would just be a fun venture, but I’m too in love to stop–all this means: changes, loves. Good ones. Coming soon.

Tables, chairs, china, and linens: Diamond Rental

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the Kelly Family

I learned that it is possible to fall in love with an entire family while photographing this bunch. Samantha is a talented photographer herself, and after we met at Yan’s workshop I knew we would be fast friends. But after I gushed over her girls, her sweet, spunky Hero and snuggly Goldie, the next day I missed all of them. Like, for real.

They’re adorable, of course, but they also carry a love in their family that inspired me to go home and be a better member of my own family. I guess it’s about support–never undermining each other, never an unkind word…you just know, after interacting with them, that they all hold each other up through their shiniest and darkest moments.

And kay, let’s talk about how adorable Hero is in her giraffe costume. I LOVE that Sam and Chas wanted to incorporate it because it’s such a part of who she is and what’s she’s interested in right now. Nothin more authentic than that.

Sam and Chas, thank you for letting me photograph you and your family. It was a dream.

If you are a family full of love, I want to photograph you in your home and the places you love best. More details about family sessions here, or let’s chat about your session.

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Tamara + Robbie: Backyard Alpine Wedding

Tamara and Robbie were high school best friends, and when the romance blossomed later it just made sense. They were married at the Mt. Timpanogos temple and celebrated in Tamara’s backyard, with stunning elements curated by Charming Details.

Tamara and Robbie, thank you for letting me in on your big day, and for being generally amazing. Congratulations.

Event Planning: Charming Details

Floral: Soil and Stem

If these photos speak to you and you’d like some for your own wedding, let’s chat about your big day. 

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the Dickson Family

I really adore this family. Amber is a talented florist, and I’ve been a fan of hers personally and professionally (that sounds so creepy…we’re gonna go with it) ever since she and Seth were some of my first clients. They invited me into their home to photograph their sweet little boy, and I left with the loveliest little bunch of florals just to say thank you–I’m continually amazed at how gracious and generous you are to me. You, all of you–clients, friends (real life and internet) and those of you who just come by to look at photos. I’m inspired to be a nicer, better human because of you.

Amber and Seth, thank you so very much for trusting me to document your family, for opening your home and your hearts and your whole huge love for each other and for your darling Greyson. It was a treat, for real.

If you have a fabulous family and you want to have the real, raw, beautiful moments photographed, let’s chat about your family session. 

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the Stewart Family

I’m so, so excited to share these images. I am just head over heels in love with photographing families in their homes and their favorite places. Lindsey is a rad photographer herself, and I was honored to document her family in their home, their backyard hammock, and their favorite park right around the corner. I had to laugh, because Lindsey kept protesting that her home wasn’t beautiful enough, and looking at these photos I’m just giggling. Because guess what. You make your home beautiful. I’m probably going to say that one million times and I don’t even care because it’s so true I just gotta.

We also teamed up with Flower Afternoon to create a simple installation–and with a few ferns and blooms on the nightstands, the space was transformed into a beautiful backdrop for photos.

Thank you so much, Stewart family, for trusting me and letting me hang out with you. It was a delight.

Interested in a lifestyle family session of your own? Family sessions include a 1.5 hour session in your home and your favorite places, and at least 60+ completely edited, hi-res files for printing any size, anywhere. Family sessions are $425. Let’s chat about yours, or see more info about family sessions here.


Kendra + Jeff: Salt Lake City Wedding

Kendra and Jeff.

This is the first wedding I’ve photographed where I’ve been part of the ceremony. Maybe other photographers do that a lot, but while I’ve photographed friends, Kendra is much more than that to me. I wouldn’t have had it any other way–it was just a treat to document these two. Not just because Kendra is one of my very very best women, but because their wedding day was full of love and beauty and a few torrential crazy rainstorms but mostly love and beauty. They weren’t ruffled by anything under the sun (or rain, as fate would have it!) and just flowed with happiness and excitement and wow it’s just great we get to spend our whole lives with the ones we love.

Our core group of soul sisters reunited and it felt SO good, celebrating such a joyful event with people who have shaped my heart so much. We may or may not have had a sleepover on the night of Kendra’s wedding reminiscent of the sleepovers twelve year olds have, giggling til all hours of the night. It was magical, to say the very least.

I feel tempted to share far too much…and so, I will.

Event Planning: Charming Details (LOVE her!)

Venue: Salt Lake LDS Temple and This is The Place

Videography: Nathan Pickett Films

Flowers: Flower Afternoon

Dress: made by the bride’s mother

Let me guess. You’re super in love and about to be wed and you want to make great photos. Let’s do it.


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