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Angel + Alex: Big Cottonwood Canyon Mountain Wedding

Angel and Alex have been living on St. Thomas for the past few years, but decided to get married where their love began. One of their top priorities was a honeymoon around the world, so talk about cutting the wedding fat. They kept the things that were most important and meaningful to them and kicked trite traditions to the curb. Hallefreakinlujah. What resulted was an intimate and wonderful affair at Storm Mountain Amphitheater in Big Cottonwood Canyon with their favorite people and a whole lot of fun.

Angel and Alex, thank you for letting me be part of your wedding day. I can’t wait to see what an incredible life of adventure you build together.

Brooke Schultz photographs handmade, homegrown weddings with soul, and she’d love to photograph yours. See more details here, and let’s chat about your wedding day.

Meisha + Sam: Park City Engagements

Meisha and Sam have the best vibes about them. The kind of pair whose love radiates out and just invites you in. Meisha actually found me (like physically. like chased me down and made me feel like a celebrity.) while I was shooting another wedding–it was fate, because I adore these two and all that they are.

Can’t wait for the big day!

A little word about these photos–Meisha and Sam completely trusted me. They were willing to do absolutely anything I said–and these photos could not, positively could not have been made if they were any less adventurous or open. Just know: I, like every other photographer and artist, make the best possible photos when I feel your trust. It’s not something you can fake, so follow your heart when choosing a photographer, k? K. Photo time.

Your engagement photos. Let’s make them.

I make pretty promises

Pretty pics (loads and loads) coming soon, my friends. Pinky promise.

I hope your summer is shaping up to be magnificent. I’m pregnant and due in October (I haven’t officially told you? AGh, I’m bad at that stuff. Another girl! We’re so so thrilled. Follow me on instagram for better updates on that kinda thing) and wow, a couple of notes about that.

1. I’m hot and hungry all the time. It’s a new level of hangry, so if you want to get on my good side…food and the pool and cold air are my friends. Clothes, not my friends. If you, Internet queens and kings, have any somewhat stylish helps for keeping my growing self cool, I am more than all ears. I will pay you money and shower you with affection, probably.

2. I’m only doing family sessions through early fall. So if you’ve had your eye on raw, authentic photos of your family as they are–the most stunning, loving versions of them–let’s chat about a session. Don’t wait til things get crazy and your eyes are full of Christmas cards because by then, it will be far too late.

3. I’m cooking up so many things, you guys. I’m sighing because you don’t know about them yet and I wanna tell you but there’s just not time! I’m pumped about bringing new new new things to Brooke Schultz Photography. New look, new experiments, new products, new processes. My head and my heart are swimming and in time I’ll show it allll.

For now, I make pretty promises. Happy weekend, mloves.

The Krason Family

The Krasons are a lovely bunch, from their sheer cuteness (just wait. til you see. these kids.) to their warmth and effortless fun. Kirsten is the genius behind 6th Street Design School, which you must clear your calendar to fall in love with if you somehow don’t know her work.

So of course, family photos at home were made for Kirsten’s family, but before you see these photos and think, awh man. my house has to be immaculate before i can have photos done there–no, no, a million times no. if you have a room with a window or even a door to outside we’ve got it made.

Kirsten and Josh, Jett and Jane, thank you so much for having me document your fabulous family. Your home is obviously so full of love and joy, I never wanted to leave. Just thank you.

If you’re interested in a family session of your own, details can be found here. Let’s chat.

omg guys, FILM. and i’m officially one of those people.

Alright. First, a little disclaimer: if you could care less about geeky photographer stuff, you can scroll to the pretty pics and be on your merry way.

If you are in the photo industry, though, you’ve probably been subjected to the recent buzz about film. how it’s not dead, how we should all be shooting it, how basically if you’re not shooting it your images have no soul. it’s getting kiiind of intense. especially considering there are no artists that are like, watercolors. you have to be using watercolor and if you use oil you’re not worth your salt.

but: like a really, reallllly good movie that you wish your people would just hush about because you haven’t seen it: once you experience it you realize, dannng. it really is all it’s cracked up to be.

now, now. this is not an announcement. there are a lot of things still hard to swallow about film. (cost! ridiculous cost! how friggin’ slow it is! how unpredictable it is! how poorly it functions in certain light! how heavy and bulky and clunky clunk clunky those cameras are! c-o-s-t!) but oh man, i’ve officially turned into one of those disciples.

because why? mostly the same reasons other people love it so hard: the bokeh and sharpness. the color, the skintones. the lack of post-production time. the beauty of slowing down enough to figure out what in the world it is that you truly want to make. there’s another reason, for me, too. i am absolutely smitten with the lack of control. giving up the ability to slider my way into any look i want. that’s why it feels more artful to me, because the moment of creation comes when you click the shutter and that’s it–which feels more decisive than trying out seventeen different actions on a given photo and deciding which one looks best.

so yes, i am an official convert lover of film. but i don’t think digital-only die hards are any less photographers for that fact alone. you can know your crap no matter what medium you use, and you can make great art through any means. i won’t be bombarding you with film propaganda about how you should shoot it and you must shoot it and if you don’t your world will crumble and you’re not authentic, but real love can’t be denied i tell you.


some snippets from recent work. the summer has been good to me, friends. i can’t wait to show you more. and hey, if you wanna talk geeky stuff, send me a note here. I’d be delighted.

Hilary + Ryan: Salt Lake City Wedding

Hilary and Ryan’s wedding day was a quiet, overcast day–we had the temple virtually to ourselves (get married on a Wednesday, folks) with the perfect amount of wind to carry Hilary’s gorgeous dress. Their family and friends were so thrilled for their marriage, with the happy “FINALLY!”s that made both of them smile from ear to ear at how long they’d waited for this day.

Nothing can stop a perfect love, I just want to say. Ryan got a terrible bloody nose before the reception, and ended up at the instacare–no big deal. But they got him taken care of and both he and Hilary came back cool as cucumbers and completely present in all the joy and beauty of their new marriage. A huge feat to say the least.

Hilary and Ryan, your wedding was a treat to be part of. So much love and happiness ahead for you two–thank you for letting me in on it.

Venue: Salt Lake City LDS Temple and Wheeler Farm

Dress: Penelope’s

Flowers: Flower Afternoon (could you tell I was obsessed?!)

If these photos resonate with you in your blood and guts, I’d be thrilled to help document you and the ones you love. Let’s chat about your wedding day.

Chrisanne + Lorenzo: Provo Canyon Engagements

Chrisanne and Lorenzo are the stuff my dreams are made of. Crazy in love and crazy creative, they are my people. Chrisanne is a talented artist, and since we are a special breed, we just get each other. These two knew they were meant to be just days after they started dating, but each won each other’s family’s hearts over immediately even after the initial skepticism of, “You’ve been dating how long? And you’re going to do what?!” Especially when neither was planning to fall in love or get married.

“Yep, we’re one of those couples,” Lorenzo laughed. I think it’s terribly romantic.

We hiked and giggled and there might have been one small little snake that elicited a very dramatic scream from me. Anything was worth it, though, because this place included the very log, the very spot, where Lorenzo proposed. (!!!! Whip out your ‘awhh’s, people.)

I just would like to say over and over, Chrisanne and Lorenzo, how incredibly beautiful your love is. Thank you for letting me be part of your story and your world–what a delight.

Oh yeah. A butterfly came to visit and stayed perfectly still for her photo op. I was pretty tickled; just so fitting for this pair.Brooke Schultz photographs suuuper in love duos with creativity and craziness, mostly in Utah but far away too if you’re cool with that. If you want in on that kind of crazy love documenting thing, let’s chat about your session.




Kendra + Jeff: Millcreek Canyon Engagements

Kendra is one of my Women. We met our freshman year of college, and that’s when she became my model–she was always a natural. Much more than that, Kendra is one of my dearest friends on the earth, and when one of those people in your life is getting married you have to photograph it.

I don’t know anyone with more poise, grace, or loveliness, and it was a dream to capture that alongside her love Jeff. I feel all sorts of thrilled for these two. What we didn’t feel thrilled about? Getting locked inside the campsite where we were shooting (really? You’d think they would check before they close a giant gate to see if anyone was inside…or maybe post a sign about what time they lock up?), and Kendra’s finger tragically smushed in the car door. Ughs.

But love outdid all that junk–and here’s the proof. Three cheers for love.

If you’re engaged and you crave photos as unique as the two of you, I just might be your lady. Let’s chat about your session here.

Maddie + Stan: Salt Lake City Bridals

Maddie and Stan are a force to be reckoned with. Their love is so full but so down to earth, flowing with laughter and depth. They know how to get through hard things together, and it’s so obvious how much each adores the other.

Which makes my job insanely easy. Congratulations, you two–you deserve each other, and that says so much about each of you.

See more wedding photos here, if your heart so desires, and let’s chat about your big day.

Things I’m Bad At.

Every once in a while it feels to stuffy up in herre, and I need to level with you and take you behind the scenes. So today, you get to know some things I’m really, really bad at.

Sounds fun.

1. Recreating other people’s really pretty photos.

I already wrote about (well, pleaded about) killing Pinterest-worthy pics and capturing authenticity instead. But I have more to say. (Surprise?)

There’s a growing feeling on the earth that any photographer worth her salt can recreate any wonderful photo you pin on your cute board on pinterest.

A couple of things: sometimes, yes, we can recreate it. But lots of times, there are a million moving parts behind that photo that we can’t recreate: the exact way the light is hitting her face, the love between the couple, the dress and the couple’s height difference and the way the wind is blowing. (Some photographer wrote a fabulous article about this and I can’t for the life of me find it now–any help?)

But the real question is: even if we could recreate it, WHY? Why would you want us to? Why would we want to? Each wedding day I have been part of has overflowed with so MUCH. There has been a unique vibe to each wedding, and each time I have been amazed–that is the honest truth.

I want to make you a few promises. One. Your love is unique. Really it is. And so, your wedding will be unique, if you let it. Two. Your day will be full. We won’t need to recreate someone else’s amazing photo, because there will already be enough. You are enough.

Alright. That was probably too philosophical, but what else would you expect from yours truly.

2. Being quiet.

The other day I was doing a bridal session with a wonderful couple, and another photographer happened to be right next to us. I suddenly realized that I was quite literally guffawing with my couple over who knows what–and she was patiently waiting for me to stop so she could direct her couple. Whooooops. The moral is: clients, be prepared to guffaw. Just kidding, but really–we’re gonna have a good time.

I’m also bad at keeping my thoughts about certain things (pinterest! photography! love and weddings! lots and lots of other things!) to myself.  So be warned.

3. Selling stuff I don’t think is a million percent awesome.

There are about a zillion album companies for photographers out there. But I am head over heels in love with the albums I offer to clients. They are not cheap; they are heirlooms. They are made of the finest materials and feature the finest printing and to me, that can’t be beat by a smaller price tag.

And now, a mysterious sentence where I whet your appetite for something else coming soon to the Brooke Schultz Photography product offerings! Ohh, you are gonna love these. They are gorgeous, of the highest quality, and–you guessed it–a million percent awesome.

That concludes today’s episode of Things I’m Bad At. If you’d like to read more musings for photographers and creative folks, you can sign up for snappy, never-spammy emails right here:

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