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watercolor hens

This week we move away from Utah and away from 10 years of memories, bonding, brilliance, joy, pain, growing. I want to be like, California, we’re ready for you! And for like an hour I can feel it. And then I slush around again in all those years full of days, so scrunched up into this tiny week.

You can dance in a hurricane

But only if you’re standing in the eye

Because I’m so full. Hugely joyful but deeply sad. And it feels right to feel it all, every feeling I’ve felt in my favorite places with my favorite people, over again before I go.

This family radiates the simple joy of being in a family and I’m thanking my lucky stars that I get to carry that with me. If you can be calm, unhurried, and unworried while being photographed, you are those things all the time.

Every family teaches me so much–that’s what this family taught me. To be unruffled and let life flow. I love them for that.

Now booking sessions in Orange County, CA, and beyond, friends. Let’s chat. And if you’re a Utah folk, I’ll still be coming back so still let’s chat.


the quintessential spring wedding

afluff with fat blossoms, just the right breeze,

and a love story that started way back in high school. They went to senior prom together but it was never the time, someone was always dating someone else, you know how it goes. Their families always cheered for them and talked together over the years about how great it would be if they got together. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen two families–siblings, parents, everyone–so completely thrilled about a union. I think the world of both of these humans individually, so together it’s fireworks of fabulous.

If you like these photos a lot and you are in love, I’d love to make photos with you. Let’s chat about your wedding.

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laughter roars in millville

I drove to Millville, Utah in the alternating pouring rain and big bright sun gleaming over the greened-up mountains. These five let me into their home as if I was one of their own, showing me their rooms and their toys and their roaring laughter and the simple bliss of being in a family. 

If you have a family overflowing with love, I’d love to photograph you. We’re on the edge of moving to Orange County, California (2 weeks!) but I’ll be back in Utah regularly. Far away from both of those and want to have your favorite people photographed? I travel. Let’s chat.

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Sami Jo Loves You

But she really does. Enough to let you put gold leaf in her hair.

Let’s photograph your family at home.

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experiments with the jones family

I’ll confess I’ve been down on my words lately. Seeing so clearly where I’m weak (too flowery! not practical! where’s the concrete?! all the professors’s critiques come back) and writing about the photos I make is often hard. There’s so much that goes into the creative process–but then, too, it’s another world. I get in the “zone” and don’t think, just shoot. Trying to assign words to that intuitive process makes me feel like poking out my eyeballs and I want to just let the photos stand on their own. But the stories of how they were made is part of the story of what they are.

I’ve been dealing with a huge big mondo thing personally that’s sent me reeling and crashing with waves of grief and hope and loss and uncertainty. I promise soon I’ll be ready to name it all. On a particular day I got some hard news that stung with finality and I determined to infuse more fun and play into my life right that very second. Samantha Kelly and I decided to collaborate–push our creative boundaries, get out of our “typical” boxes, try to be unsafe. I didn’t perfectly succeed in making only mind-blowingly creative, dazzlingly different images–but the process nourished every piece of me.

If you wish for beautiful photos of your family, let’s chat about your session.

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Emily + Daniel’s Salt Lake City Wedding

Emily’s bright soul and expressive heart drew me to her immediately. She’s one of those people–infectious smile people. Make you immediately feel like her best friend people. To see how she and Daniel love each other was a real treat, and I’m so grateful to have been part of such a perfect match’s union.

Flowers: Soil and Stem

Engaged and getting ready to marry your favorite person in the history of ever? Contact me about shooting your wedding.

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Faith + Jordan’s Bridals in the blossoms

“Beauty alters the grain of reality.” -The Goldfinch

Marrying your favorite human in the near future? I’d love to make photographs you’ll swoon over forever. Let’s chat about your wedding.

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Aubrey + Franklin at home

Aubrey–yes, that Aubrey, hair whisperer genius painter Aubrey–is someone you love before you really have a reason to. She’s warm and kind and down to earth, even though she’s exquisite. I admire her on so many levels, so getting to photograph her with her adorable Franklin in their home was a treat beyond words…only emojis can describe, you understand.

Can I even tell you how much you need these photographs, of your family? Can I overstate the import enough? Of course the answer is no. But if these images speak to you, and you’d like to make some of your family in the best place, where all the memories are made, send me an email and I’ll hold your hand through all the details. Cause I get it. It can be hard to let someone in when there’s an eternal list of things you want to change about your house or your dress size before you commit to photos. But I’ll croon the essentialness of this experience for as long as you need to help you understand the love that comes through. The love I could never orchestrate or pose. If your family is full of love, we’re set. Let’s do this.

Interested in having your family photographed at home but you have questions? Let’s chat, friend.

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Ashley + Stuart on top of the world

On top of the world, or just the top of Harmon’s downtown…

We laughed like old friends and they worked the camera like crazy. There was an inappropriate amount of squealing (from me) because of how much love they let themselves show.

Two gem souls knit in lotsa snuggles, for you.

If you love somebody and you wanna make photos, I just might be your lady. Let’s chat about your session.

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Faith + Jordan in the snow at sundance

Faith and Jordan. Gosh, when someone you love and have loved for a long time finds someone she loves and wants to spend forever with…you make them do a lot of hugging and take pictures of it. They’ve known each other since high school (they went to prom together! At Sundance!) but it wasn’t until recently that the fates aligned–but when they did, oh-oh, it’s maaagic! (do you know that song? if not, that was probably strange to read…)

Faith and Jordan, thank you for bringing me to your love and soaking yourselves in the snow. Can’t waiiit for the big day!

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