There are very few mamas who genuinely one hundred percent inspire me to be better within my own four walls. Amy is one of them.
To be photographed by a bundle of women in a workshop setting is super hard, and she just soaked up every second with grace. Everything each photographer set up she would explode into choruses of “awhh! I love that! so sweet!” with the most genuine excitement, and it made all of our confidence skyrocket cause she just has that effect on people.
The woman just genuinely loves her people and her life and it shows up in everything she does, from the epic birthday parties she throws to the traveling and gosh just her smile. kkkk you caught me, I totally have a crush on Amy. Because, see, this is my struggle: CHOOSING to be in love with my life, over and over every day through the chaos and the lack of control and the growth and the fun mixed with the heartbreak. The people who seem to have that figured out–more than those who have zillions of awards or billions of dollars or millions accomplishments–are the ones I really admire.


And hey, if you’re a photographer interested in learning how to shoot families in a way that doesn’t feel contrived and terrible and instead feels exactly how you want it to, drop your email here and you’ll be the first to know about the learning opportunities I’m creating for you (and GUESS what you don’t have to leave your house to do it).

two faced

there are two sides of me. the boss lady side who eats marketing for breakfast and the poetic side who is in love with the sky and the stars, the ocean and the flowers and (way) overuses the word magical. Sometimes these two clash; sometimes they’re friends. sometimes i feel guilty that there are hot poopy diapers rotting in my garage while I sit here and carve out space for my own dreams. sometimes i feel so on fire with all the overflowing fabulousness that is the life i get to lead that i have to screech it out in a series of sing-song ‘yeah, yeah’ with some alternating squeals of delight.
morgan and all mamas who have businesses, jobs, main hustles, side hustles, talents and dreams of their own that they’re trying to balloon into reality–they get it. (and did i just describe all mamas everywhere? i hope so.) the way they see mothering and work out the TRY part–balance, needs, fun, light-heartedness and laughing at ourselves and the little people we hang with–it warms my insides and gives me hope that those lines between the sides of us, the hats we wear, the pulls on our time and energy and the pursuits we dream about will get to continue to blur and fade, watercolor together into a love affair with our own lives. that’s what i want for every mom.
because i used to be the frazzlefest who’d show up everywhere late and looking around like hey don’t you see, my life is so hard, look at this plate piled high with overwhelm, cut me some slack. 
then–i asked myself what it would take to go from surviving to thriving. from the inside of me. wanna know the answer? it was trying on contentment + massive gratitude–changing the way i think about mothering plus running a business, and giving myself back the power i’d given away to define my own success and love my own setup glinting with the same fierceness with which i’d wished it away.
so now–i am at home in the bigness of all of it. i don’t worry about a lot of things; i cut myself slack so other people don’t have to, i choose to adore my opportunities and know that mistakes and experiences and boredom are beautiful things for my kids to see and walk through. (and also–i’m still late. ;))
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also hello. if you are still here at the bottom of this post and you’d love for your closest relationships to be seen with all the light, love, and hard freakin’ work inside them, i’d love to photograph your family.

shiny hot dog legs

i never need an excuse to fall in love with people, wholeheartedly, at first sight (just ask my husbanndd) and i realize it sounds cheesy but cliches are true for a thousand good reasons. i loved this family in .02 seconds. but i want to dig into the heart and guts of WHY.

secret: one of my favorite things about photographing families is the excuse i have to spy on them for a couple hours.
because i’ve shared many times before that family life is the hardest thing I’ve ever, ever done. leaps and bounds above anything else. it is work that is never complete–and while that feels beautiful in my artistic pursuits sometimes it gets buried in my work as a mother. also, mothering requires SO MANY things that i am straight up bad at. logistics and planning ahead and crazy heaps of patiently correcting and guiding with consistency. i’m working on them, and i see the shiny lining in the things i AM good at blending over into this work, but overall–gosh. i wonder insatiable how people do it. so spying on this family for a couple hours, seeing how they played together and handled the inevitable tantrums and I-NEED-HOT-DOGS-IMMEDIATELY and even a poo-mergency in the middle of a park with no bathrooms interlaced with the sparkly open-armed love they share and nurture–I left a genuinely better person. (which I realize sounds hilarious. it WAS hilarious. but that’s also the glory of this life we lead, right? That it’s all important and simultaneously very small, hilarious and gross and wonderful and holy? Yes, my friends, a big resounding YES. Keep saying yes to it all and unlocking oceans of joy for yourself.)

p.s. hey rad friend, thanks for reading and caring about these images. if you wanna be falled-in-love-with at first sight too, (appealing, right? I promise not to make it too creepy mccreepster) let’s make some photographs of you and the people you love most. contact me and i’ll send over all the deets for family sessions lightning fast.

But REALLY Brooke…can you make me look good in my pics?

remember when I answered the question, “But Brooke, can you make me look good in my photos?”
I adore getting responses like this one from Emmily, and yeah it makes my “told-ya-so!” button light up in a happy dance way because if you, mama, do not look good in your photos: I promise it’s your photographer’s fault, not yours.

“Brooke, you have no idea how emotionally happy looking at these photos made me. I am not exaggerating when I say these are my favorite photos of us.. ever… even more specifically – of me. And I generally hate getting professional photos because I’m so weird and awkward (but of course, you already know that… haha).

You’ve made me sentimental and full of joy this evening. I honestly can’t thank you enough. We love you and will cherish these incredible photos forever!”

Making moms feel gorgeous and like the best version of themselves (you know, the collected one who smiles lovingly at children through beautiful windows, not the one who yells and whose three year old says ‘we can’t go out because mom’s brain hurts’…wait what? definitely not real life examples here….) is a huge part of why I do what I do.
Our lives are full of so much–the whole swing of glorious-enlightened-super-mama to i-cant-do-this-one-more second and we remind ourselves enough of the latter. Photos are your time to shine in the most beautiful threads running through the whole vision of who you are and who you’re becoming. Sounds like a tall order for a photo to satisfy right? But photos have done that for me over and over, reminding me of my best self and who I want to be–for my family, for myself, for the worrrld yo.
Alright, I’m waxing soap-boxy so I’ll get to the photos of this family, with adorable busy totally two-year old cute cute Theo who’s crazy for cars and running water and running away (kinda like 100% of the other two year olds I know wink) and hard working loving parents (you must check out Emmily’s work, she is incredible).
ps one more thing:
Mamas, give yourself grace. You have enough time, energy, and capacity to do everything that is necessary. Not everything that you wish you could do, or everything that someone else wants you do to, but everything that is necessary. (And heaven knows I’m preaching this to myself as much as anyone.) The most essential will come through, and it will have your loving fingerprints all over it.


And HI if you’re still here reading you are probly interested in a family session and I would love to send you all the pricing + scheduling details so let’s chat about your family session, friend.